Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fun at "the Flake"

I’ve been in Kansas City science fiction fandom for a long time, so I’d heard of Snowflake, a one-day “relaxacon” billed as a Cabin Fever Fan Party.  But they never had an art show, so I never went.

At least, not until I was asked to be their Artist Guest of Honor this year.  Well, sure, I said; I’m available on February 19.  I held most of my fantasy artwork out of the Antioch Library show, so I could put on a reasonable display.  

Here I am, with my display at "Snowflake 13."

Tim Keltner, Snowflake’s organizer, borrowed the display panels from ConQuesT (our major annual sf convention, held in Kansas City each Memorial Day by the Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society).  

Bits and pieces of works-in-progress always seem interesting.
I brought along some of my bits and pieces of “works-in-progress,” as I have begun doing with my opening receptions for more mainstream shows.  I spent much of the morning demonstrating paper sculpture techniques and having fun conversations with people who came over to my table to watch.

About two weeks before the event, I had started making small “Snowflake Dragon” mini-paper-sculptures.  I priced them pretty low, and sold them with their own little boxes so they’d be somewhat protected without having to encase them in small shadowboxes that would raise the price.  I spent most of the afternoon happily engaged in selling them to several people.
My little "Snowflake Dragons" were a hit!

Other highlights of this mini-convention were an appearance by actor Jeff East as Media Guest of Honor, a screening of the movie Lunopolis, and several panel discussions.  In addition to Mr. East and me, Sea of Clouds novelist Allen Billings (a.k.a. Reuel Petrova) was the Author Guest of Honor, and Imperial G.E.L.F. web comic creator Keith Dickinson (as Hikaru Katayamma) was the Fan Guest of Honor.
Snowflake 13 was produced by Nexus Teknology Group and StarBase Kansas City.
Photos by Signy Gephardt--Thanks!


  1. Your dragons in those little boxes really look great.

  2. Thanks! I think the boxes were worth the effort, because they made it easier to carry them without crushing them.