Thursday, September 27, 2012

Three More Paper "Wizards"!

On two recent trips to local art fairs, I have discovered three more wonderful artists who do unique and beautiful things with paper. It is my delight to share the work of Dan Bi, Kent Davis, and Angie Pickman with you!

Dan Bi told me he uses X-Acto knives to cut his amazing designs.
He must go through about a million blades a year, to have them
sharp enough not to tear his delicate paper!
Dan Bi
Unfortunately, Dan doesn't have much of a web presence--just an email address. Thus, I can only share one image with you.

I normally go to art fairs with my camera, but I never take photos of individual booths or specific pieces of art unless I have permission. Dan had a business card, but was very busy when I talked with him at this year's Plaza Art Fair in Kansas City, MO. I got out of his way quickly, and planned to visit his website for more information to share. (so much for that plan!)

Fortunately, another blogger caught him at a moment when he had more time! Many thanks to "Nancy" and her All Pulped Out blog! She posted the only online example that I could be sure was Dan's artwork (see above).

Dan uses the traditional Chinese paper-cutting art form of Jianshi (also spelled jianzhi) to create his mind-blowingly intricate designs. The tiger shown here, although it is beautiful, is not the most detailed design I saw.

Kent Davis's Albedo demonstrates that he has a
whole new approach to paper, wood, and light!
Kent Davis
I don't think I've ever seen an approach to sculpture quite like Kent Davis's. I found him at the Art Westport annual show in Kansas City, MO, and immediately knew I needed to share his work here on the blog.

He has brought a new and elegant approach to illumination, wall sculpture, and the art of creating structures of paper and thin strips of wood. These pieces are sort of an apotheosis of what a box kite would become if it could glow, and take on amazing and complex new forms.

I've included a couple of images here, but they only give a small taste. For more of Kent's amazing art, spend some time on his Luminous Inspirations website! The pieces I've shown here both use white light, but he also has done some beautiful work with colored lights, that are well worth viewing and enjoying.

I love the elegant shapes in Kent Davis's Smoke.

Angie Pickman's Find Light Wherever You Go gives an
example of her elegant knife-work.
Angie Pickman
I've been admiring Angie's work all year at various local shows (most recently Art Westport), and it is high time I shared her work with you here!

I love the "design" feel of her cut-paper work, where color is used strategically in a limited palette, to maximum effect. Pickman's subjects are usually somewhat mystical, and always seem to reference nature in one way or another.

Pickman's Permeating Sentiment draws on several of her
frequent subjects to make its statement.
This work may trace its roots in part to traditional silhouette pieces, but she has far transcended them.  I like to get up close and observe the detailed precision of the cuts. Like Bi, she must go through case-lots of blades in the course of a year. Unlike Bi, however, she has a website, Rural Pearl, to which I can send you! She also has an Etsy Shop, and sells prints as well as the orignial cut-paper designs.

I think you'll enjoy the variety and beauty of her work, but I also hope you'll admire the skill and the strong sense of design that imbues her work.

PHOTO CREDITS: As noted, I am in the debt of Nancy and her "All Pulped Out" blog for the Dan Bi photo (you may want to explore her blog further--there are some interesting things on there!).  
The photos of Kent Davis's Albedo and Smoke are both courtesy of his website, Luminous Inspirations. As I mentioned above, there are many more designs on the site, including some that use colored light. 
The photos of Angie Pickman's Find Light Wherever You Go and Permeating Sentiment are courtesy of her website, Rural Pearl. She has many more wonderful things to look at there, so please take a look!

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