Monday, February 18, 2013

"Deep Dish" Framing

My Beloved has been busy, doing his part to get Rose Dance ready for the Arti Gras Gala this weekend.  I thought you might enjoy seeing the framing work in progress, because it has presented some challenges.
My husband Pascal Gephardt had to improvise a support to hold up all corners while the glue sets.
Another view of the frame-in-progress, in our basement "framing corner."
Why on earth would I need a shadowbox this deep? 
Moral to the story: Let the creative juices flow, but watch the elevation!
I am grateful to Randal Spangler and New West Frame and Moulding for their help with acquiring the materials for this frame, and oh, boy, do I ever owe my husband Pascal Gephardt a "big one," for all the joining and assembly.  When you see Rose Dance all framed up, it will be thanks to them (stay tuned).

IMAGES: All photos were taken by me, Jan S. Gephardt.  Please do not reproduce them without attribution and a link.

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