Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Life Catches Up, with a Vengeance!

I really must apologize to anyone who has grown tired of checking back for updates . . . we've had several simultaneous family crises (starting at Thanksgiving, and continuing through now).

In my diminished time leftover from dealing with them, I have made notes on about half-a-dozen posts I'd like to write, but spent more of it making art than writing about it.

As soon as possible, I'll write a post about creating Rose Dance.

The Nine-Part Herbal Fantasy is still in the works, but likely to become a diptych.

Coming Through! is a new multiple original that debuted at the Holiday Visual Feast.

That's a sample. I've also seen some galleries I'd like to write about, and there are other developments, as well.

Stay tuned. This family stuff can't go on forever!